About Us

Today I will be thankfulThis website is dedicated to all the furry children who grace and enhance our lives.  Their loyalty is without measure…loving us more than they love themselves.  Their endless antics make us laugh, helping to heal our souls.  They are always “pawsitive”; tails wagging in delight when they greet us.  They comfort us when life throws us a curve, and they never complain.  If they have 4000 sq. ft. to live in or 800 sq. ft.  they couldn’t care less.  They are oblivious to their environment – the only thing they care about is that we share it with them.  They trust us; believe in us. And for many more reasons – they are “gifts from God; love wrapped in fur”.  They are PAWSITIVELY OURS and we are ever so grateful!

Canine Fast Facts

Estimated Global Population Exceeds this Million
Number of Mentions in the Bible
% Owners Talk to their Dog on the Phone
Year 1st Canine Encyclopedia was Published